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willGather is here to come alongside older adults, family caregivers, and professionals in the

healthcare community as we explore the

world of aging and care.

Nicole Will brings approachable conversations and insightful interviews to our listeners. She gathers helpful resources, valuable information, and practical tools that will encourage and give hope to caregivers as they navigate the aging journey with their loved ones for a meaningful and fulfilled life.

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Gigi  B

etty co.

A curated boutique gift shop with a mission to raise awareness and funds for family caregivers. 

We willGather together and as a collective, we are a powerful force for good.

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Co-founders, James Lee and Nicole Will are visible, credible, and well-respected professionals in aging services who have independently built their strong brands as thought leaders FOR the people closest to the work of caring for seniors and those who love them. The Think Tank event is their collaboration to provide a platform for other like-hearted individuals to accelerate the work of goodwill, personal development, and deeper relationships - the three key objectives of the gathering.


Join us! Austin, TX December 8-11, 2024

Think Tank aging services senior living
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Welcome to "Gather, Darlings" with Carrie Aalberts BS, MS aka Dementia Darling and Nicole Will aka willGather- the podcast where we kick back, let loose, and dive headfirst into the untamed, unfiltered world of caregiving. This isn’t your grandma's tea party—unless your grandma likes to spill the tea with a glass of wine in one hand and unapologetic truths in the other.

"Gather, Darlings" isn’t just a podcast; it’s a movement. We’re here to redefine caregiving, pushing boundaries and breaking stigmas with every episode. Join us as we explore the unexpected side of caregiving, making every hour the happiest hour as we will lift you up with resources, support, and community to feel confident in this unsteady journey.

Let’s do this, caregivers, one episode at a time!

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